Gifted & Talented Philosophy

Philosophy for Gifted and Talented: MSAD 15 strives to meet the needs of all students. We will provide appropriate specialized programming within the framework of the Maine Learning Results that expands and extends learning for students identified as gifted and talented.

The MSAD #15 Gifted and Talented program applies the general principles outlined below:

  •  Gifted and talented children need to move at their own rate regardless of chronological age or grade placement; therefore academic subjects, including the fine arts, shall be taught to them in a manner that allows them to learn at their appropriate instructional level and at their own pace.
  •  Gifted and talented children need diversity in their educational experiences; therefore diverse and appropriate learning experiences shall be offered through a variety of program models, instructional strategies and materials.
  •   Gifted and talented children’s needs vary as they progress through the elementary and secondary grades; therefore instructional settings shall be appropriate to their changing needs.
  •   Children who are gifted and talented in the arts need to be challenged to develop their abilities and potential; therefore specialized curricula that are advanced, conceptually complex and carefully differentiated from regular curricula shall be provided.

updated December 4, 2018