From the Principal

I would like to start by thanking students, staff and families for a great start to the school year.  Overall it has gone very smoothly given the circumstances.  I appreciate everyone’s patience and cooperation as we implement new procedures and protocols for our day.

As a reminder, I would ask that parents please refrain from being on screen during Zoom classes.  Only the student participating in the class should be on screen, speaking to the teacher or asking questions.  If parents have a question or need to speak with a teacher the usual channels should be used; email, phone call, or conference.  Zoom should be considered the teachers classroom, and is the time teachers provide instruction and feedback.  Disruptions only serve to take away from the student and teacher’s time together.  Thank you in advance for helping us make the Zoom classroom as effective as possible.

From our Guidance Counselor, Abby Beaumont:

MSAD 15, in partnership with the Good Shepherd Food Bank, will be relaunching our Food Backpack Program in the upcoming weeks. The Backpack Program discreetly provides students in need with bags of healthy, easy-to-prepare food. These bags are provided weekly; with an additional bag prior to school vacations when school meals are unavailable.  Please click on this link to complete the survey:  Dunn School Backpack Sign Up.  If you have any questions about the food backpack program, please reach out to the program coordinator, Donna Skilling ( or Abby Beaumont, Dunn School Counselor (

From the community:

As many of you know, we have our first annual Special Olympics Maine Virtual Fishing Derby off and running for the month of September. As you can see below we have fish being caught and entered to our virtual leaderboard through the app FishDonkey! As we still push to get anglers involved we also have a corresponding fundraiser in the Derby Raffle for those who would still like to help donate to our program, but are not keen/able to get out to fish. This raffle is LOADED with amazing raffle prizes and it too runs through the entire month of September! If anyone has any friends/family/coworkers/networks that would be interested in entering either the Virtual Fishing Derby or the Derby Raffle please see each link below!  (Link to Register for SOME Virtual Fishing Derby)

image.png (Link to the Derby Raffle)

Thank you all for your continuous support of Special Olympics Maine and our programs that we all love!  –  Mike Littlefield, Asst. Director Unified Champions Schools, Programs, Camp Tall Pines

updated: 09-18-2020