From the Principal

From the Guidance Office

The warmer weather has started to make an appearance in Maine! As we transition into the school year’s final trimester, students and families are beginning to feel “burned-out” from this school year. Both teachers and I are asked daily, “How can I support my child who is feeling overwhelmed and exhausted from this school year?” Below are five strategies to help you and your family make it through this: 

  1. Stick to a routine: Consistency and structure are calming during times of stress. As much as possible, use the classroom schedule provided by teachers and continue to keep the morning and nighttime routines the same (this can be difficult with daylight savings!). 
  2. Alternate work and play. Alternate chores or schoolwork with fun activities and free time.
  3. Use positive attention. It’s important to give direct, specific, and immediate feedback. “Awesome job getting onto your zoom without me asking”!! Make a BIG deal! 
  4. Validate feelings: allow your child to express their disappointments, frustrations, and achievements. Try to listen without offering advice or a solution; kids need to be heard.
  5. As the days become warmer, move schoolwork outside, go for a walk, create scavenger hunts, practice sports. Sunshine, movement, and laughter are scientifically proven to improve our moods. 

If you have any questions or would like other ways to support your child, please contact me: or 657-5050. 

From the Library

There will be a Book Fair during the first week of May.  More information will be coming soon.

From the Office

Applications are now being accepted for pre-K students for the 2021-22 school year.  This district-wide program is held at Dunn School and can accept up to 90 students.  Incoming students must be 4 years of age on October 15, 2021 to be eligible.  Please visit the district website,, and select the Pre-K Program tab for more information and for the registration form link.

More information about the screening process will be available in the spring.  Please contact Jean Southard at or 657-5050 with any questions about the program.

Dates to Remember

Apr 16 Teacher comp day – no school

Apr 19 – 23 Spring break – no school

May 31 Memorial Day – no school

Updated April 2, 2021