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From the Principal

Miss Lindsay’s Counseling Corner

Dunn School students will be participating in The Great Kindness Challenge from Monday, January 28th – Friday, February 1st.  The Great Kindness Challenge is a proactive and positive behavioral initiative that promotes a kind school climate and increases student engagement. The Great Kindness Challenge is one week devoted to performing as many acts of kindness as possible. Using the provided Checklist of 50 kind acts, students accept the challenge and show each other and the world that KINDNESS STARTS WITH ME!

In preparation, I am visiting every classroom this week and next week to “unpack” what The Great Kindness Challenge means, what it entails, and why it is important!   During my classroom visits, I will also be teaching a mini lesson on giving compliments to others – how compliments promote kindness and how important it is that our compliments be true, specific and positive.

In addition to the 50 item checklist for 3rd and 4th graders (12 item checklist for Pre-K), all students will be writing Kind Post-It Notes about their classmates to add to our Great Wall of Kindness, located on the mid-level of our building between the 2 staircases. Inspiring quotes about Kindness will be read over the intercom by our Patriot Leadership Group classroom representatives each morning during our Dunn Patriot News.  We will also be holding KINDNESS SPIRIT DRESS UP DAYS from Monday 1/28 – Friday 2/1. Stay tuned for a flier going out next week which will outline the themes for each of our Kindness Spirit Dress Up Days. Pre-K will have adapted Spirit Days – please see a separate flier going home for details.

As a culminating activity to The Great Kindness Challenge, all third and fourth graders will have the opportunity to watch the film Wonder during the afternoon of Friday, February 1st in Dunn School’s gymnasium. Wonder is a film based on the book written by R.J. Palacio. Many of our students and classrooms have read this book, and it is much-loved! The book and film Wonder explores what it means to show kindness and compassion through the journey of its main character, Auggie, who was born with facial differences and must navigate life in a new school. Wonder is rated PG – if you have questions or concerns, please feel free contact me!

As a service-learning aspect to The Great Kindness Challenge, Dunn School will be participating in an MSAD15 district-wide Sock Drive from Monday 1/28 -Friday 2/1, sponsored by our GNG Food Backpack Program! Students, families and staff will have the opportunity to donate a pair of new adult or child-sized socks in collection boxes set-up in the lobby of each GNG school. All socks donated will go to local families in need. Our hope is that this service-learning component of our Kindness Challenge will help affirm for students that we are a Caring Community and that indeed, KINDNESS MATTERS! Please see the Sock Drive flier going home in totes for more details.

With Kindness,
Lindsay Friberg, Dunn School Counselor lfriberg@sad.org

From the Health Office

Just a reminder to parents that we do not allow children to transport medicine to or from school on the bus.  If your child requires medicine, it must be brought in by an adult and the medication administration form filled out and signed.

Patriot Parents

Our Patriot Parents reps are Maureen Gilbert (email gilbertm@maine.rr.com ) and Deb Carson (email debcarson@me.com ).

From the Music Room

2019 Concerts/Art Show Schedule: There will be two separate seatings in the Dunn School gym on 3/27 and 4/10. Parents may attend one or both performances. Students are to please stay with parents before and after their performance. Students will need their recorders. Thank you!

Wednesday 3/27                                                    Wednesday 4/10
6:30 Doyle, Murray, Burrage                                   6:30 Sinclair/Marzilli/Fecteau, Rogers
6:50 Skilling, Gamage, Audette, Robash                6:50 Raymond, Gillis, Burns

From the PE Dept.

Dunn Fun Days!
Dunn Fun Days is an after school program that is sponsored by the Patriot Parent PTO and run by Mr. Welch.  $7 per date, first come first served.  This program runs Mondays and Fridays from 3-5pm, starting 10/22/18 and ending 03/15/19 – please see the Google form for the complete list of dates and availability. Proceeds support the Bryant Pond Program for both 3rd and 4th Graders. Online Registration Link:  https://goo.gl/91LZvc     Contact Mr. Welch at  dwelch@sad15.org for more info.

Morning Fitness!
Did you know that morning exercise helps prepare the brain for learning?  Dunn School Morning Fitness is a free activity for 3rd and 4th graders that runs on Mondays and Fridays from December 3rd to March 15th. The program provides students with a variety of fitness activities to help students stay healthy and have fun through the winter.   Activities include riding the school stationary bikes, individual fitness activities, group games, sports and much more! Students may be dropped off any time between 7AM and 8AM.The program runs until the beginning of the school day. Please be sure and fill out and return an MSAD #15 Liability Waiver Release Form. Please fill out the online registration form here: Online Registration

Winter Kids Passport App will launch on Friday December 21st.  This program helps encourage outdoor physical activity in the winter by providing deep discounts on activities such as Downhill and Cross Country Skiing, Ice Skating and more.  Please check out the website here for more information.  Dunn School has a special coupon code for the membership.  (WKWG2019) Winter Kids

As you may know, Dunn School is participating in Winter Kids Winter Games.  During the 3rd week of the program (1/21-1/25), the focus becomes family engagement.  The idea with this week is that students are active with their families outside or are involved in some sort of nutrition related activity.  (see ideas at the bottom of the scorecard.)  Students will be bringing home a scorecard for this week.  These forms are due back to school on Friday Jan. 25.  Some activities are allowed to take place outside of the scheduled week. I wanted to let you know of two Winter Kids events that I am helping organize.  Please see the information below.

Dunn School Family and Friends Ski Night at Shawnee Peak
Since there is no school the following day, Dunn School will be hosting a ski night at Shawnee Peak tonight, January 17.  I will be at the mountain in the front corner of the lodge nearest the ticket window by 3:30.  Participants can stop by and see me for a discount card which they will then take to the ticket window.  Shawnee Peak is offering a discounted rate of $20 for this evening.  If you or your family and friends are avid skiers or if you would like to learn, there is no better place in Maine to do so.

Full Moon Snowshoe Tour

We will be hosting a (near) full moon snowshoe tour on Friday January 18th from 4:30-6pm.  The snowshoeing will begin at 5 once everyone is geared up.  Bring your own snowshoes or borrow some school snowshoes from our limited supply to take out into the woods.   Flashlights and headlamps would be great to have as well.  Be sure and dress for the conditions.   This is a joint effort between MSAD #15, New Gloucester Parks and Recreation and Gray Parks and Recreation.  There is no cost to attend. Please contact Mr. Welch with any questions at  dwelch@sad15.org .  Thanks for reading.   I hope to see you at one of these events!

Dates to Remember
Jan. 18 Records Day – no students
Jan. 21 Martin Luther King Jr. Day – NO SCHOOL
Jan. 23 Early release – 3rd and 4th grades dismissed at 1:00 PM, no preK classes
Feb. 13 Early release – 3rd and 4th grades dismissed at 1:00 PM, no preK classes
Feb. 18-22 Winter break – NO SCHOOL

updated: 1-17-2019