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New Requirements from Maine Department of Health & Human Services for Grades 7-12

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Starting in the 2018-2019 school year, students entering grades 7 and 12 must have proof that they have had the age appropriate meningococal vaccines as indicated in the attached information from the Maine Department of Health and Human Services.

This is a new requirement.
Please check with your physicians to schedule an appointment if needed prior to the start of the first school day of the 2018-2019 school year.
Please contact Tonia Gilley-Pratt RN if you have questions or concerns.
GNGHS – 657-9330
GNGMS – 657-9430

Medications at School

MSAD#15 recognizes the fact that while medications ideally should be administered at home, it is sometimes necessary for a student to receive medications during the school day.

Because administering medications to your child at school takes away from classroom time, and because medication may be administered by a non-licensed person in school, we request that all medication be given at home before and after school if possible.

“3 times a day” does not necessarily mean a dose at school. Any medication that needs to be taken 2-3 times daily can and should be managed at home i.e.: antibiotics to be given 3 times a day are most effective spread over a 24 hr. period (upon rising, after school, and bedtime). Please consider not sending over-the-counter medications, i.e.: cold medications and cough drops. A single dose in the morning and a dose upon return from school should be sufficient. If your child is unable to get through the day without a mid day dose, he/she may be too ill to be in school. Symptoms of communicable illnesses are a concern for classmates as well as staff.

If medication must be administered at school, parents/guardians are responsible for providing the school with the medication. All medications must be in their original container, and an appropriate medication administration form completed and signed by the parent must be completed. This pertains to over the counter medications as well as prescription medications. Please refer to our medication policy for details.


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MSAD 15 Health Forms


#1 – Allergy Information Form and Action Plan
#2 – Asthma Plan (provided by the Maine Asthma Council)
#3 – Authorization to Administer an Inhaler at School
#4 – Authorization to Administer Medication in School
#5 – Exchange of Information Form
#6 – Students with Seizures – Individualized Health Plan
Updated June 7, 2023