A message from our Principal

It is so hard to believe that January has come and gone. Typically, January feels like a long and cold month. We are so fortunate to have had many decent days. Let’s hope that Punxsutawney Phil has it right and spring is just around the corner.  Please remember that the temperatures are remaining cold outside. Students should still bring their snow gear as an extra layer of insulation out on the playground. Snow or not we try to get outside for recess as long as it feels warmer than 15 degrees.

Recently, we have been seeing an uptick in the number of students who are dropped off or picked up. I would remind folks that any time you find yourself approaching Russell School, please do so with extreme caution. Gray Park is a busy place with students entering and exiting the school premises in the morning and the afternoon. It is best if students are accompanied by a parent when crossing the street. Additionally, children should not be playing on snow banks in the parking lot. Playing on the ice and snow can easily create an unsafe environment with so much traffic coming and going. We also request that you consider your drop off times and morning routines. Students can be dropped off starting at 8:35 but should be in the building before 9:00. Our school day starts promptly at 9:00. Missing even a few minutes first thing in the morning can make your children feel behind for the entire day. Plus, 9:00 is the best time of the day for you kiddo to participate in instrumental community building. Your help and attention to this is greatly appreciated!

Another item worth noting is the number of student illnesses that students are experiencing these past few weeks. I have seen many families in and out of the building with sick kiddos. While we recognize and value regular school attendance, we also know that when your little one is truly sick, the best place for them is at home. We have included guidance on when students should stay home and when it is okay for them to come to school on the second page of this newsletter. Hopefully, with the upcoming break, we will find a bit of relief from germs our friends seem to pass to one another. While we often encourage sharing at Russell School, this is one time we would prefer everyone keeping things to themselves.

February is sure to fly by, especially with our next vacation just around the corner. I hope that you all find some time to do something exciting or lay low if that is your preference. Once we return, we will hunker down for a good stretch for teaching and learning until the April vacation. I hope you’ll be amazed at how much your learner will grow over the course of those eight weeks.

Until next month, be well Russell School community!

The Counselor’s Corner

As Valentine’s Day approaches we are reminded that it is a day for celebrating kindness and caring about others. Our students are looking forward to the many fun festivities that day and all month long.  Your child’s teacher will communicate directly regarding any special activities or events surrounding the holiday.

Our Russell School theme for February is “Kindness”. To promote kindness in our school we will ask students to draw or write a way they can demonstrate kindness on heart-shaped paper. These hearts will then be displayed on our “Kindness Tree” located in the Russell School foyer.  Additionally, students will participate in various activities which focus on ways to be thoughtful of others in their classrooms.

Thank you for sharing your children with us!

Margaret Thibodeau

School Counselor


Page updated February 6, 2020