Gray-New Gloucester Middle School

Message From The Principal

Good Afternoon Students and Parents of GNGMS:

We hope that you are all doing well as we move through the second week of closure.

Superintendent King’s update Friday provided information about our continued closure and the framework of how we will conduct school into the spring. The staff is working this week to prepare for our move to remote learning beginning the week of 3/30.  Teachers will be using technology based platforms such as Google Classroom, Google Hangouts, Zoom etc., as well as curriculum based sites to facilitate learning. Teachers will communicate this to students and parents on an ongoing basis.  

Remote Learning Schedule

The schedule for teachers to be available to support and/or hold meetings with students will be during the regular period schedule (B1 7:35, B2 8:30, B3 9:30, B4 10:25, B5 12:50).  WIN time will be used as an opportunity to touch base with students as needed (office hours). Advisors will also be checking in with their advisees from time to time. Individual teachers will set the specific plan for class times and communicate that information to students.

*Subject to change since the board is voting on a revised school calendar on 3/25

  • RTI staff will be connecting with their students to provide instruction and support.
  • Special Education teachers and support staff will work with students they normally see.


In an effort to keep students engaged in their learning and with school, attendance will be taken each day.  Attendance will be determined by student contact with the school, including participation in an online platform, passing in assignments or email contact with a teacher.


Now that we are moving to a remote learning model students will be asked to pass in work as assigned by the teacher.  Teachers will be entering scores and grades into PowerSchool as if we were conducting school as normal. Teachers will update PowerSchool a minimum of every two weeks.

Social/Emotional Support

As we stated in our last message, if you find your student is struggling to make sense of this closure or their connection to the school community please do not hesitate to reach out to our staff via email.  All will be checking email daily and responding to questions and concerns. Even when not physically together our goal is to support students both academically and social/emotionally. Our guidance staff, Theresa Allocca and Martin Lynch, will be working to support any students in need during the closure.  In addition, below we have included some links to resources that parents may find helpful to use with students if they are struggling emotionally. has a great visual from its mind up curriculum to show kids that talks about the amygdala, prefrontal cortex and the hippocampus.

Smiling mind app-free app that parents can use to help with mindfulness and anxiety

We understand that this is a challenging time on many levels.  We are committed to supporting our students and families in any way possible.  Do not hesitate to communicate with teachers, staff or administration if your student is struggling academically or social/emotionally.  Our greatest tool during this situation is communication. We will not hesitate to communicate with you, so please do not hesitate to communicate with us.

As always, we wish you and your family good health!  Take care of yourself and one another. We look forward to getting back together April 27th and finishing the school year as a whole community.


Geoff Robbins & Kristin Dacko

Updated March 30, 2020