Facilities & Maintenance

At MSAD 15 our facilities team is made up of 30 custodians, maintenance staff, and office personnel. We are dedicated to keeping our buildings and athletic fields safe, secure and clean for our students, faculty, staff and community members. The members of the GNG facilities team take great pride in our buildings and it shows year after year.

Through our capital plan we continue to identify short- and long-term projects that maintain and enhance our facilities. This summer we have overseen and completed a number of important projects, including: lead abatement at Russell School; installation of a new HVAC air quality system at the high school; the completion of the outdoor classrooms at each school; completion of the new access control system at each school; improvement of the irrigation plan for our athletic fields; restoration of the football practice field.

As we move into the school year we will shift our focus to the cleanliness and maintenance of all our indoor and outdoor spaces so that our students, staff and the community have the best facilities in which to learn and grow.

Use of MSAD 15 Facilities

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Community Use of Facilities Fee Schedule

Please see the Community Use of Facilities Procedures, Administrative Procedures for Community Use of School Facilities on the Policies webpage.

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page updated July 10, 2024