Memorial Messenger 01-12-23

A Message from Mrs. Hennessey

Happy New Year! We are back in full swing here at Memorial School, and we are so pleased to be reunited with our students after the winter break. This month, we will take part in NWEA assessments, and get back in the swing of our schedule. Next month, we will embark on our sixth annual Kindness Challenge during the weeks of February 6th and 13th.

As always, thank you for partnering with us each day! We so appreciate your ongoing support. Please feel free to contact me directly at or by phone at 926-4322.

Kindness Challenge

During the weeks of February 6th & 13th, Memorial School will take part in our sixth annual Great Kindness Challenge! We are very excited to be one of many schools across the country taking part in these activities. 

Activities will include:

  • An all-school kick-off virtual assembly on Monday, February 6th.
  • Students are invited to wear mismatched socks or shoes on Monday, February 6th to kick off this event!
  • Distribution of a checklist with possible Kindness Challenges that students can perform during the two weeks.
  • Quotes about kindness on the morning announcements all week.
  • A school-wide Kindness Challenge keeping track of our kind acts for the week.
  • A Spirit Day on Tuesday, February 14th: Wear Red Day!
  • A Spirit Day on Wednesday, February 15th: Acts of Kindness Day!
  • A Spirit Day on Friday, February 17th: Dreaming of Kindness PJ Day!

We are thrilled to spread a little extra kindness at Memorial School!

Valentine’s Day Considerations

Next month, Memorial School classrooms may be hosting opportunities where Valentines will be exchanged.

A note about Valentines: We ask that families send in Valentine’s Day cards (only) or Valentine’s Day cards with trinkets (pencils, stickers, etc.) in lieu of candy/food treats. No homemade food items will be able to be distributed. Any store-bought food items that are attached to treats will be sent home with students to be enjoyed at home (and with their guardians’ permission).

Participating in any Valentine’s Exchange is optional. Please let your child’s teacher know if you prefer for him/her not to bring in or collect Valentines. The classroom teachers will be in touch with details about classroom exchanges and activities and will provide a list of students if an exchange will be taking place.

2023–2024 Kindergarten Registration & Screening

We have begun registering students for the kindergarten class of 2023-2024! Parents of students who will be five on or before October 15, 2023, please visit the Memorial School webpage and click the link to register your child for kindergarten. We can’t wait to welcome our incoming students into our Memorial community!

We will hold Kindergarten Screening in person this spring. More information to come! Registration appointments will be made for incoming K students (who have registered at the link) and will be distributed in April. If you have any questions about the registration or screening process, please contact Amanda Hennessey at 926-4322 or

iPad Care & Use

Student iPads may be sent home for remote school days. Please keep the following tips in mind if/when students are using iPads at home.

  • Please be sure to have students carry their iPads back and forth to school in their cases.
  • Students have a plastic hard case on their iPads and a neoprene slipcover. Students should be sure to put the iPads in the neoprene sleeve whenever the device is not in use or charging.
  • Please remind children to carefully set their backpacks down when getting on or off the bus or arriving at home/school.  
  • Please contact Mrs. Hennessey as soon as possible when damage is noticed so we can provide a loaner device and send the iPad off for repair. 

Thank you for your continued support and care with district-provided devices. 

Counselor’s Corner with Mrs. Dwyer

Happy 2023! This month in guidance, kindergarten students will focus on friendship skills: how to make friends and how to be a good friend. 

The first & second graders will learn how to set SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic/Relevant, & Time-bound).  These grades will also have a leader from the Cromwell Center for Disabilities teaching students about empathy and that friends come with all types of abilities.  For more information:

Toward the end of the month, all grade levels will discuss celebrating differences and perspective-taking. It will be a great month of learning!