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Memorial Messenger 1-09-18

A Message from Mrs. Hennessey

Happy New Year! We are back in full swing here at Memorial School and embracing all that 2019 has to offer! The week of January 7th is Healthy Choice Week in PE/Guidance. We will embark on our second annual Kindness Challenge during the week of January 28th. With all of this excitement, it looks to be a busy and fun month here at Memorial!

As always, thank you for partnering with us to build the optimal educational experience for every Memorial student! Please feel free to contact me directly at or by phone at 926-4322.

Frogtown Mountain Puppeteers

On Monday, January 7th, the Frogtown Mountain Puppeteers visited Memorial School. This troop, which hails from Bar Harbor, presented a 45-minute puppet show for all of our students. Students(& staff)greatly enjoyed the show! Thank you to the Memorial Patriot Parents for their generous support of this programming.

Kindness Challenge

During the week of January 28th, Memorial School will take part in our fourth annual Great Kindness Challenge! We are very excited to be one of many schools across the country taking part in activities during this week.

Activities will include:
-An all-school kick-off assembly on Monday, January 28th.
-Students are invited to wear mismatched socks and/or shoes on January 29th to kick off this event!
-Distribution of a checklist with 50 possible Kindness Challenges that students can perform during the week(for example: Give a friend a high five!)
-Quotes about kindness on the morning announcements all week
-A school-wide Kindness Challenge keeping track of our kind acts for the week
-A Spirit Day on Friday, February 1st: Dream of Kindness Pajama Day!
-A closing assembly on Friday, February 1st

We are thrilled to embark upon this week and spread a little extra kindness at Memorial School!

2019-2020 Kindergarten Registration & Screening

On January 15th, we will begin registering students for the kindergarten class of 2019-2020! Parents of students who will be five on or before October 15, 2019, please visit the link on the left-hand side of the Memorial School webpage and click to register your child for kindergarten. We can’t wait to welcome our incoming students into our Memorial community!

Kindergarten Screening will be held on May 23rd, 24th, and 28th at Memorial School. Parents of current kindergarteners – please note that there is no school for current kindergarteners on those days. (School will be in session for current first and second graders on those dates.)

Registration appointments will be made for incoming K students (who have registered at the link) and will be distributed in early April. If you have any questions about the registration or screening process, please contact Amanda Hennessey at 926-4322 or

Everyday Counts!

Did you know?

  • Missing school can make it harder to learn to read and do math starting in a child’s kindergarten year.
  • Students can fall behind if they miss just one or two days every few weeks.
  • Students who attended school every day in kindergarten and first grade had significantly higher third grade scores on reading and math tests than other students.
  • A pattern of being late to school may lead to poor attendance.
  • Absences can affect the whole classroom if the teacher has to slow down learning to help children catch up who have not been in school.

What can families do?

  • Set regular bedtime and morning routines.
  • Lay out clothes and backpacks the night before.
  • Introduce yourself and communicate frequently with your child’s teachers.
  • Avoid family trips when school is in session.
  • Schedule medical appointments outside the school day. If an appointment has to be during school, arrange for your child to be in school before and after the appointment.
  • Come up with backup plans with family, neighbors or other parents to get children to school.
  • If you see a pattern of your child avoiding school, contact their teacher, Mrs. Hennessey, or Miss Banks so we can work together to make learning a positive experience.