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A Message From The Administration:

Greetings Patriots!

We’d like to begin by thanking our students and staff for a great start to the new school year!  Yes, we had some technical and scheduling issues to deal with, but that is to be expected even in the best of times.  We will continue to fine-tune our systems over the next week or two, but we are confident that with the positive attitudes and high levels of enthusiasm that have been displayed by all, we are going to have the best school year we can under the current circumstances.

Guidance Department:  Our School Counselors have been working with students since last Thursday (09/10) to address any remaining scheduling issues/concerns.  Students have been encouraged to email their counselor with any questions or concerns.  Our plan is to lock down the schedule by the end of this week (09/18) – meaning unless there are extenuating circumstances (as approved by the administration), schedules will remain as they are (after this week) until the end of the semester.

After School Dismissal:  Please take note that students who are getting picked up by a parent or someone else after school are not getting released until 2:40pm. We are trying to minimize the bottle-neck involving bus and car traffic coming onto and leaving the campus at the same time.  Your cooperation with this request is greatly appreciated. 

From the Health Office: If your student requires medication during the school year please contact the health office to make the arrangements.  An annual medication form is required from the doctor and must be signed by a parent.   Some students carry an inhaler or epipen with parent, physician and school nurse approval.  A doctor’s order is needed for these as well.  Please call the Health Office if you have any questions, 657-9330. Our fax number is 657-3329.

To the parents of Seniors: If your Senior has not yet received the second meningococcal vaccine, please make an appointment with their provider to have that completed as soon as possible and submit proof to the Health Office.

The GNGHS flu clinic will be held the week of October 26. Flu forms will be available on the school website. Please submit flu clinic permission forms by Tuesday, 10/20. As always, feel free to contact the school nurse with any questions or concerns.

High School Parent Influenza Letter

Flu Vaccination Permission Form

Influenza Live Information Statement

Influenza Information Statement

From the Library: If you have a library book and are done with it, please return it to the library.  If you have a book from another library, feel free to return it to the high school library and it will be shipped to the appropriate school. Overdue notices for library materials will be sent through email each week.  A reminder to seniors not to wait until the end of the year to deal with overdue library items!  Return them or pay for them promptly if they can’t be found.  If you would like to check out a book from the library, please email Mrs. Lewis at and she will get the book to you.  

Our catalog can be found at

Yearbook: The Yearbook is looking for new staff members!  We need photographers and page designers.  Anyone interested in joining the yearbook, please email Ms. Landry at by September 21.  She will send out a ZOOM meeting link later the following week. Yearbooks are on sale now! Order early to get the lowest price.  Go to

Senior Yearbook Information: Parent Recognition ads are on sale now! Order your parent recognition ads here:

Seniors should submit their Senior photos and baby photos for the yearbook here:

The deadline for Senior photos and baby photos is October 16, 2020. These photos will not be available for use in the Senior video, so please plan accordingly. Every Senior may submit a Senior photo, baby photo, and write up at no charge. 

Senior yearbook write ups can be submitted to Please type your Senior write-up. Only emailed write ups will be accepted. (DO NOT SEND AS AN ATTACHED FILE. PLEASE PUT YOUR WRITE UP DIRECTLY INTO YOUR EMAIL.) Your write up is limited to 300 characters, including spaces and punctuation. Any write-up not following this format will not be published in the yearbook. If you miss the deadline, your write-up will not appear in the yearbook. Any profanity, inappropriate material, or questionable phrases will result in your write-up being omitted from the yearbook. Please, no abbreviations or initials. Your write-up is due by October 16, 2020.

Zoom & Google Classroom: These are the two primary platforms that will be used by our school during the remote/hybrid operational plan.  Whether a student is 100% remote or just remote for their elective classes, they will access their classes through Zoom and the work they are responsible for completing will be posted on Google Classroom for each class they are taking.  Students should reach out to their teacher(s) for a Zoom invite (if they don’t get one) or if they are having technical difficulties with the Zoom connection.  If a student is on the hybrid plan, they are required to participate in their core classes in school when they are scheduled to be in school.  Students should not be going back and forth (remote one day, hybrid the next) for their core classes.

Schedule for the Week of 09/14/20:  Monday and Thursday (Red days); Tuesday and Friday (Blue Days); Wednesday (White/Flex day).  Reminder:  On red days, grades 9 and 12 are doing their core classes (either in-person or remotely) while grades 10 and 11 are doing their elective classes at home.  On blue days, grades 10 and 11 are doing their core classes (either in-person or remotely) while grades 9 and 12 are doing their elective classes at home.  Students and staff are NOT in the building on Wednesdays.  Students have Wednesdays to work on their academics at their own pace, and they are required to participate in a 30-minute Zoom meeting with their homeroom advisor from 10:00 – 10:30.  The advisor will be sending out a Zoom invite prior to this 10:00am meeting.

PATHS:  The PATHS program will begin this week.  Seniors will attend on Mondays and Thursdays; Juniors will attend on Tuesdays and Fridays.  When a PATHS student is not scheduled to attend PATHS, they should be completing work that has been posted on their instructor’s Google Classroom page.  PATHS students will eat lunch in the high school cafeteria from 10:30 – 10:55, and will catch the PATHS bus at 11:00 from the front of the building (unless they are driving themselves to PATHS).  Reminder:  PATHS students are NOT allowed to transport another student(s) to or from PATHS.  The PATHS bus is scheduled to return to GNGHS by 2:30pm.

Free Meals!  Parents and students are reminded that we are providing free meals to students (at least until 12/31/20).  At the high school, we are currently providing free lunches and will be looking at providing free breakfasts beginning the week of 09/21.  For further information, please contact Wendy Ordway at

Class Officers:  Congratulations to the following students for being elected as Class Officers for the 2020-21 school year:


President: Sam Tibbetts

VP: Cordelia Lambert

Secretary:Tiffany Ha

Treasurer: Amelia Cobb


President: Meadow Murray

VP: Ruby Vaughn

Secretary:Anna Gilbert

Treasurer: Braden Craig


President: Cody Roy

VP:Jenna Lynch

Secretary: Taysia Hanscome

Treasurer: Madison Doughty

Any Freshmen interested in being a class officer will have until 2:30pm on Tuesday (09/15) to get a two minute or less video to Dr. Harvey ( stating their name; the position they are running for; and why they want to serve in the position.  Freshmen will have from Wednesday evening (09/16) through 2:30 Friday afternoon (09/18) to watch the videos and vote.  We will announce the election results via student email before 3:30 on Friday afternoon (09/18).

Student Council Officers: Any student in grades 9 – 12  interested in being a Student Council Officer (President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, or Publicist) will have until 8:00am on Wednesday (09/16) to get a two minute or less video to Dr. Harvey ( stating their name; the position they are running for; and why they want to serve in the position.  Students in grades 9 – 12 will have from Wednesday evening (09/16) through 2:30 Friday afternoon (09/18) to watch the videos and vote.  We will announce the election results via student email before 3:30 on Friday afternoon (09/18).

Remote Materials Pick-Up: We have held pick-up times for parents/students who are 100% remote since last Thursday (09/10).  If you have a student who is doing school 100% remotely, please contact the Main Office and they will let you know if your student has any material(s) ready to be picked up and they will schedule a time for you to come in to pick those materials up.  Thanks!

Junior/Senior Privilege Forms:  Can be picked up from a table outside the Main Office beginning on Monday (09/14).  These forms need to be signed by both the student and their parent/guardian and returned to the Main Office as soon as possible.

That concludes this week’s edition of the Patriot Express! We wish you all a great week.  Take care and stay well.

Mr. Finn, Principal

Ms. Grealish, Assistant Principal

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