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Policy Updated

A. Foundations and Basic Commitment

AC Nondiscrimination/Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action 10-05-22
ACAA Harassment and Sexual Harassment of Students 10-05-22
ACAAA Transgender and Gender Expansive Students 02-01-23
ACAA-R Student Discrimination and Harassment and Title IX Sexual Harassment Complaint Procedure 10-05-22
ACAB Harassment and Sexual Harassment of School Employees 10-05-22
ACAB-R Employee Discrimination and Harassment and Title IX Sexual Harassment Complaint Procedure 10-05-22
ACAD Hazing 11-06-19
ACAF Workplace Bullying 10-06-21
AD Educational Philosophy / Mission 07-15-20
ADA School District Goals and Objectives 07-15-20
ADAA School System Commitment to Standards for Ethical and Responsible Behavior 07-15-20
ADC Tobacco/Electronic Smoking Device Use and Possession 11-6-19
ADF Commitment to Maine Learning Results 02-03-21

B. Board Governance and Operations

BBAA Board Member Authority and Responsibilities  03-02-22
BCA Board Member Code of Ethics 04-03-19
BCB Conflict of Interest 10-03-18
BCC Nepotism 01-05-22
BD By-Laws 04-06-22
BDE Board Standing Committees 11-8-18
BDE-R Standing Committee Operating Administrative Procedures 11-7-18
BDF Board Advisory Committees 10-04-23
BEC Executive Sessions 12-15-21
BEC-E Executive Session Law 12-15-21
BED Remote Participation in School Board Meetings 11-17-21
BEDB School Board Meeting Agendas 06-07-23
BEDB-R Agenda Format 10-04-23
BEDH Public Participation at School Board Meetings 11-01-23
BG School Board Policy 01-05-22
BG-R Policy Development and Revision Procedures 01-05-22

C. General School Administration

CB School Superintendent 02-05-20
CBI Evaluation of the Superintendent 11-02-22
CHD Administration in the Absence of Policy 02-05-20

D. Fiscal Management

DB Annual Budget 02-01-23
DB-R Budget Adoption Procedure 02-01-23
DCA Capital Reserve Fund 06-06-18
DI Fiscal Accounting and Reporting 02-06-19
DJC Petty Cash Policy 02-06-19
DJD School Activity Accounts Policy 11-01-23
DJD-R School Activity Accounts Cash Receipt Procedures 11-01-23
DJD-Ra School Activity Accounts Cash Disbursement Procedures 11-01-23
DJE-Bidding/Purchasing Requirements 06-05-19
DJH Purchasing and Contracting Procurement Staff Code of Conduct Administrative Procedures 06-05-19
DN School Property Disposition 02-06-19

E. Support Services

EBAA Chemical Hazards 03-03-21
EBCA Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan 12-02-20
EBCC Bomb Threats 11-07-18
EBCF Automated External Defibrillators(AED) 01-03-24
ECB Integrated Pest Management 11-07-18
ECB-R Pest Management in School Facilities and on School Grounds Procedures 11-07-18
EEA Student Transportation Services 11-08-18
EEAEAA Drug and Alcohol Testing of School Bus/Van Drivers 12-02-20
EEAEEA-R Drug and Alcohol Testing of School Bus Drivers Administrative Procedure 12-3-20
EEAF Special Use of Buses 01-02-19
EEA-R Student Transportation Procedures 01-02-19
EEBB Use of Private Vehicles for School Business 04-06-22
EFE Competitive Food Sales-Sales of Foods in Competition with the School Food Service Program 03-03-21
EGAD Copyright Compliance Policy  01-06-21
EGAD-R Copyright Compliance Administrative Procedure 02-03-21
EHAA Filtering Policy 03-01-23
EHB Records Management 11-06-19

F. Facilities

FF Naming Facilities 12-02-20

G. Personnel

GBB Staff Involvement in Decision Making 02-05-20
GBC Employment of Professional Staff 02-01-23
GBEBB Staff Conduct with Students 02-01-23
GBEC Drug-Free Workplace 03-06-24
GBGE Return to Work and Light-Duty Assignments 02-01-23
GBI Staff Gifts and Solicitations 01-06-21
GBN Family and Medical Leave 02-07-24
GBO Family Care Leave 02-07-24
GBP-R Earned Paid Leave 01-01-21
GCF Professional Staff Hiring 11-06-19
GCFB Recruiting and Hiring of Administrative Staff 10-05-22
GCFB-R Recruiting and Hiring of Administrative Staff Procedures 06-06-18
GCGA Substitute Teachers and Educational Specialist 04-05-23
GCI Professional Staff Development Opportunities 04-07-21
GCOA Supervision and Evaluation of Professional Teaching Staff 06-06-18
GCOC Administrator / Supervisor Evaluations 01-02-19
GCQC Resignation of School Unit Employees  11-06-19
GCR Evaluation of Stipend Personnel 04-05-23
GCS Professional Research and Publishing 05-03-23
GCSA Employee Use of School-Issued Computers, Devices and the Internet 02-08-18
GCSA-R Employee Computer/Device and Internet Use Rules 06-06-18
GDF Support Staff Employment Policy 02-01-23
GDO Evaluation of Support Personnel 04-05-23

I. Instruction

IGA Curriculum Development and Adoption 05-03-23
IHBA Individualized Education Programs 01-03-18
IHBAA Referral and General Education Interventions Policy 01-03-18
IHBAA-R Referral Procedures and General Education Intervention 11-01-17
IHBAC Child Find 02-07-24
IHBAL Grievance Procedure for Persons with Disabilities 12-06-17
IHBEA Program for Limited English Proficient Students 01-08-20
IHBG Home Schooling 04-03-24
IHBGA Home Schooling – Participation in School Programs 04-03-19
IHCDA Post-Secondary Enrollment Options 04-03-19
IJJ Instructional and Library-Media Materials Selection 02-06-19
IJJ-E Challenge of Instructional Materials Form 02-06-19
IJND MSAD 15 Web Site 03-01-23
IJND-R Web Site Guidelines 03-01-23
IJNDB Student Use of School-Issued Computers, Devices and the Internet 02-08-18
IJNDB-R Student Computer/Device and Internet Use Rules 04-04-18
IJOA School-Sponsored Trips and Non-School-Sponsored Student Trips 01-04-23
IJOC School Volunteers -Community Partners- School Visitors 03-02-22
IKE Promotion, Retention, and Acceleration of Students 04-03-19
IKE-R Procedure Earning Alternative Credits 04-03-24
IKF Graduation Requirements 04-03-24
IKF-R Honors Diploma Endorsements 04-03-24
ILA Student Assessment 06-05-19
ILD Educational Research: Student Surveys, Analyses, and Evaluations 02-28-24
IMB Teaching Controversial Issues 01-08-20
IMBB Exemption from Required Instruction 12-04-19
IMDA Flag Salute 01-08-20
IMG Animals on School District Property 06-07-23
IMGA Service Animals in the Schools 11-01-17

J. Students

JEA Compulsory School Attendance 10-02-19
JFAA Admission of Resident Students 02-01-23
JFABB Foreign Exchange Student Program 02-28-24
JFABD Education of McKinney Vento Students 11-01-23
JFABD-R Education of McKinney Vento Students 11-01-23
JFC Dropout Prevention Committee Policy 07-15-20
JHB Truancy 12-06-23
JIC Student Code of Conduct Policy 05-05-21
JICA  Student Dress 03-04-20
JICC Student Conduct on School Buses 01-02-19
JICH Student Drug,Alcohol and Tobacco Use 05-02-18
JICH-R Student Drug Alcohol & Tobacco Administrative Procedure 11-06-19
JICI Gray-New Gloucester Co-Curricular Code of Conduct for Middle and High School Students 06-03-24
JICIA Weapons,Violence and School Safety Policy 11-03-21
JICJ Student Use of Cell Phones and Other Electronic Devices 04-05-23
JICK Bullying Prevention Policy 04-07-21
JIH Questioning and Searches of Students Policy 02-07-24
JIH-R Questioning and Searches of Students Procedure 02-07-24
JJE Fundraising 03-06-19
JJIAA Private School Students-Access to Public School Co-Curricular, Interscholastic Activities 10-06-21
JJIB Sponsorship and Evaluation of Athletic Programs 11-01-23
JJIBC Relations with Booster Groups 04-05-23
JJIF-Management of Concussions and Other Head Injuries 04-07-2021
JK Student Discipline 7-15-20 07-15-20
JKAA Use of Physical Restraint and Seclusion 12-06-23
JKAA-R Procedures on Physical Restraint and Seclusion 12-06-23
JKD Suspension of Students 02-07-24
JKE Expulsion of Students 03-04-20
JKE-R Guidelines for the Expulsion of Students and Reentry Plan Guidelines 03-04-20
JKF Disciplinary Removals of Students with Disabilities Policy 11-04-20
JKF-R Disciplinary Removals of Students with Disabilities Procedure 11-04-20
JL Wellness Policy 11-2-22
JLC-R MSAD 15 Procedure for Dealing with Life Threatening Allergies in Our School 12-13-23
JLCB Immunization of Students 02-03-21
JLCC Reportable Communicable Diseases 03-06-19
JLCD Administration of Medication to Students 11-29-23
JLDBG Reintegration of Students from Juvenile Correctional Facilities Policy 03-03-21
JLF Child Abuse Reporting, Prevention and Education 04-03-24
JLF-E Suspected Child Abuse/Neglect Report Form 04-03-24
JLFA Child Sexual Abuse Prevention and Response 08-08-18
JLG Admission of McKinney Vento Eligible Students 02-01-23
JLIB Student Dismissal Precautions 11-06-19
JRA Student Education Records and Information 02-03-21
JRA-E Student Education Records and Information Annual Rights Notice 02-03-21
JRA-R Student Education Records and Information Administrative Procedure 02-03-21
JRE Materials Sent Home Through Students 06-07-23

K. School Community

KBF Parent Involvement in Title 1 05-02-18
KCD Public Gifts/Donations to the Schools 06-07-23
KE Public Concerns & Complaints 06-07-23
KF Community Use of School Facilities 06-03-24
KF-R Administrative Procedures Community Use of School Facilities 06-03-24
KHB Advertising in the Schools 06-07-23
KI Visitors to the Schools 11-06-19
KLG Relations with Law Enforcement Authorities 05-04-22
KLG-R Relations with Law Enforcement Authorities Administrative Procedure 05-04-22

Updated June 4, 2024