Director’s Message

Greetings Gray and New Gloucester Communities,

We made it!  We got through all that 2020 threw at us and have emerged looking at what possibilities 2021 holds. Maybe you have taken this time to get some home projects done. Maybe you have taken up a new hobby, baked some bread, completed a puzzle, or learned how to knit. While there are many aspects of the pandemic that have left us scratching our heads, hopefully a renewed appreciation for some of the simple things in life will remain.

Being that this isn’t a typical year, Adult Education is not operating in a typical format either. You may have noticed that we did not send out a brochure this winter, and instead a postcard with a reminder to check for our programming online. As with most of the world, much of what we offer will be online with a few exceptions. We are hopeful that this spring the longer days and the warmer temperatures will allow us to enjoy some traditional and new activities in outdoor spaces.

Our academic programs are still running strong. We have been able to help many students earn their high school credential, find training programs and prepare for college success. Our instructors are available over Zoom, and in some cases in person to help you through our courses. We are here to test students in person, on a limited basis. Our advisors still meet with students and work on career exploration, college and career planning, etc. Many have found that the time is right to tackle their academic and career goals and we are here to help you succeed.

As always, we would love to hear your ideas for new classes and opportunities! Feel free to reach out at 657-9612.

Be well,

Stephanie Haskins

Updated February 2, 2021