School Counselor Contact Information:

 Arianna Demetroulakos 657-3323
Ext 1130
A-F School Counselor
Kate Genovese 657-9322 G-O School Counselor
Kaley Sawyer 657-3323
Ext 1129
P-Z School Counselor
Kathleen Cochrane 657-9320 Guidance Support/Registrar

GNGHS Guidance is available for in person and virtual college visits for the 23-24 school year. Please use Rep Visits,, to schedule your college visit.

School Counselor Services:

School counselor services are available to all students. Students are encouraged to see their counselor with any questions or concerns. Information given to school counselors is strictly confidential unless student safety is an issue. Students may schedule appointments during their free time with the guidance secretary (Ms. Cochrane). Students with full schedules may make appointments during lunch, before, or after school. On school days, the Guidance Department is open from 7:00 to 3:00. Counselors can be reached at the contact information listed above or by calling 657-9320.

Parents/guardians are also welcome to consult with their children’s school counselor. Parent conferences are often helpful when a student is experiencing academic or personal problems, or when a student is developing an academic plan for the future.

Services offered by the Guidance Department:

1. Academic advising, including course selection and scheduling

2. Crisis counseling regarding personal problems or concerns

3. Assistance with post-secondary planning (college and career)

4. Academic and career testing

5. Financial aid and scholarship support

6. Classroom and large group presentations

7. Social/personal development counseling

8. Referral to other services

9. School-wide programming


The Gray-New Gloucester High School Counseling Program provides comprehensive student centered programming focused on helping all students achieve optimal personal growth, realize their full academic potential, and set realistic post-secondary goals. Together with teachers, administrators, parents, and our caring communities, school counselors will foster responsible citizenship and a passion for life-long learning.


The Students at Gray-New Gloucester High School will graduate with 21st century skills, ready for life after high school with a solid understanding of their personal strengths and a plan for achieving challenging academic and career goals. All students will engage with a developmentally appropriate school counseling curriculum that allows them to make meaningful connections between high school and the real world through a rigorous academic curriculum and community connections. Our students are self-directed lifelong learners who are supported by strong partnerships between school, families, and community in a safe, caring and supportive environment.

Updated November 20, 2023