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The library program seeks to meet the diverse needs of students and staff. Its primary goals:

  • provide materials to support all content areas of the high school curriculum
  • foster the personal reading interests of individual students.

The library program is focused on guiding students as they develop the information skills they will need for a lifetime.

The librarian collaborates with teachers to tailor information skill instruction to the specific needs of each research project. Sessions often begin with instruction on the research process and an introduction to recommended resources. Other lessons include: Internet search strategies; citing sources; note-taking, website evaluation; and digital citizenship.

The library itself is a dynamic place. Classes come as needed to the library for research.

Students use the library independently. A library pass allows them to come to the library during a study hall, where they can access the many print and digital resources available to them.

Connecting to the GNGHS Library Digital Resources:

  • Visit our Library Catalog
  • Go to:  The library home page provides easy access to an array of digital resources anytime, anywhere!. The databases provide high quality information found on the “invisible web.” They include specific databases for science, literature and history as well as the Digital Maine Library which allows access to articles from thousands of magazines, journals, newspapers and online encyclopedias.
  • Visit for citation makers (online tools that help students create “works cited” lists for their research), sites for reading suggestions,  links to our community libraries and ebooks.

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