SchoolMessenger (Automated Notification System)

MSAD 15 uses SchoolMessenger (SM), an automated notification system, to communicate with parents and staff.

Telephone and Email Notifications:

  • SM allows our schools to quickly and efficiently share information of importance to families by telephone and email. SM is used to disseminate information in the case of a school-wide emergency or unplanned early dismissal, and emails are sent for general school notices.  Parents may opt in to receive notice of school cancellations and delayed starts.  Parents may also opt in to receive community outreach emails (notices from organizations not directly related to a school function).

Text Messages:

  • MSAD 15 has the ability to send SMS (text) messages to cell phones for school cancellation or delay notices, unscheduled early dismissals, and school-wide emergencies.
  • Because wireless carriers charge for text messages received unless texting is part of the individual customer’s plan, we will not send text messages to parents/staff until they ‘opt-in’ to receive them. Contact your child’s school if you wish to ‘opt-in’ for school cancellation and delayed start text notices. Once notified of this intent, we will insert your cell phone number into the SM texting system, which will then send you the actual text message to opt-in. Follow the prompts on your cell phone screen and you will be registered.
  • To learn more on the technical process of opting-in for texts once you’ve received your opt-in text message, visit This site also includes directions on how to opt-out from receiving text messages should you change your mind after opting-in.

Please note that MSAD 15 does not pay for text message charges that may be incurred by you for sending or receiving text messages. Check with your wireless carrier for possible charges.


Manage Your Notification Preferences Online!

Each primary household parent/guardian can manage notification preferences by creating an online SchoolMessenger Contact Manager account.  The Contact Manager feature allows you to control the ways in which you receive system-generated notifications from the school district. It also works like a mailbox, giving you a place to review messages you may have missed.

Your student’s verification forms will be sent home over the summer or early fall with information and an account activation code.

To update your contact preferences, please visit: 

Parents can also access school messenger through the Powerschool parent portal:
Please click here to download a guide to help you set up your SchoolMessenger Contact Manager account.
Update:  We have customized PowerSchool to hold multiple email addresses for each student (two primary household emails and one secondary household email).  This data has been imported into PowerSchool from our previous student information system and has been transmitted to SchoolMessenger for communication purposes.  If you feel you are not receiving SchoolMessenger notifications, please contact your school and we can research any issues for resolution.