Gray – New Gloucester Middle School


Grades 5 – 8

Advisory Program

Mission Statement

The Advisory Program at Gray – New Gloucester Middle School exists to build a sense of community that fosters positive relationships between students and adults.


A committee of staff at Gray – New Gloucester Middle School spent time this summer developing the foundation of our new Advisory Program. The program is designed to be a comprehensive support system for students, parents, and staff. Students are placed in grade level Advisory groups. Efforts are made to ensure groups are as diverse as possible considering factors such as town of residence, gender, interests, needs, and strengths. The administration at the middle school along with members of the Advisory Committee are responsible for the development, implementation, and monitoring of the system.

This guide identifies general goals for the Advisory Program.

Major responsibilities for Advisors have been carefully outlined to aid them in better understanding the Advisory Program and in carrying out their roles as Advisors.

Advisory Program Goals 

The goals of our Advisory Program are:

  • Students will have time and opportunity to develop constructive friendships with other students.
  • Students will uncover and explore their personal interests in regard to learning and to life out of school.
  • Advisors will give each student a voice as an active participant among a community of learners.
  • Advisors will ensure that every student is known well by at least one adult in the school.
  • Advisors will help develop and support each student’s expectations for success in school.

Individual Student Goals

Through the Advisory Program students are encouraged to attain the following objectives: 

  • to understand and be able to communicate their needs, interests and values;
  • to develop social skills that help with building relationships and problem solving;
  • to participate in academic programs that will challenge them and address their individual needs;
  • to reinforce their values of respect, responsibility, hard work and integrity.

Student Group Goals 

All grade levels will work towards accomplishing the following objectives:

  • to encourage and assist individual students in developing comprehensive listening and communication skills;
  • to encourage students to increase their awareness of self and others;
  • to encourage students to understand the concept of individuality as well as the value and responsibility of group membership;
  • to encourage students to better understand the concept of responsibility as it relates to both personal and academic growth; and
  • to encourage students to be a positive influence on both school and community.

Advisor Roles and Responsibilities

Major Responsibilities of the Advisor

  • To be aware of advisees’ needs for academic, social and personal growth and to assist them in developing plans to meet these needs.
  • To be aware of advisees’ physical and emotional needs.
  • To develop and maintain honest, open communication among students, parents and staff.
  • To implement specific activities, planned by the advisor and/or advisees, to accomplish overall goals and objectives for their specific grade level.
  • To attend grade-level advisor meetings.
  • To organize and participate in grade level activities.
  • To provide useful and appropriate input when requested for IEP meeting.
  • To maintain a folder for each advisee.

Advisory Program Format

  • Each Advisory Group will contain 13-14 students (dependent on grade level)
  • Advisory Groups will be assigned by grade level 
  • Advisory meeting times include:
    • Advisories will meet 45 minutes weekly.

  • Advisory meetings will follow the Circle of Power and Respect Model (CPR)

Updated December 06, 2021