GNG MS Athletics

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Student Athletes must complete and submit the following to the athletic office prior to participation:

  •  Physical Examination – Must provide evidence that the student athlete has had a physical within the past two years and has been cleared by the physician to participate in the school’s athletic program(s). A letter from the doctor’s office may be emailed to or faxed to 657-3329. If the doctor’s office has a private phone number, they must dial *68 prior to entering 657-3329 in order for the fax to go through.
  •  Activity Fee – There is a $25.00 activity fee for each sport due the first day of practice. Please make checks payable to GNG Athletics. If the student-athlete receives reduced lunch, the activity fee is reduced to $12.50. If the student athlete receives free lunch, the activity fee is waived (please let the Athletic Office know so they can make a notation). NOTE: Alpine and Nordic Skiing, Ice Hockey and Lacrosse have additional fees associated with their sports (separate from the $25 activity fee) that cannot be waived.

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Page updated August 13, 2021