Do you have or do you know a child living in Gray or New Gloucester who will be five years old on or before October 15, 2024? Or do you know a child who will be four years old on October 15, 2024 who might be interested in attending our Pre K program? We would appreciate it very much if our MSAD 15 staff and community could help spread the word that our Pre-K and Kindergarten pre-registration is open!


Kindergarten Pre-Registration (5 years old on or before 10/15/24)

Russell and Memorial schools are currently accepting pre-registration for all students who will be starting Kindergarten in the fall. Children living in Gray should register with Russell School, children living in New Gloucester should register with Memorial School. Please use the links below or call the school office to pre-register or for more information.

Russell School Pre-Registration Link or call them at (207) 657-4929

Memorial School Pre-Registration Link or call them at (207) 926-4322

Pre-Kindergarten Pre-Registration Link (4 years old on 10/15/2024)

MSAD 15 offers a voluntary, half-day Pre-K program at Dunn School in New Gloucester. We are able to enroll up to 90 students each year. If more than 90 students apply, we will hold a lottery in the summer. To be eligible for that lottery, if needed, students must be pre-registered prior to screening dates in June. Please complete the pre-registration process through the link below or by calling Dunn School as soon as possible to register interest in the program.

Pre-K Pre-Registration Link or call them at (207) 657-5050