Frequently Asked Questions

MSAD #15 offers a Public Pre K program for children who will be 4-years old on or before October 15th. MSAD #15 partners with Child Development Services, CDS to provide this service.

What is the Goal of the Program?  To provide high quality preschool services to student populations who are currently not served, under-served or identified by Child Development Services as needing early intervention in Gray and New Gloucester.

How was our program developed?  Our student achievement data shows that students in the economically disadvantaged subgroup as well as those in the special services subgroups are not meeting the AYP targets as measured on our State Accountability Assessment. We decided to target these populations by securing 5 spaces in each session for each group. Additionally we offer five spaces to the general population.

A group of interested community members and early childhood educators started meeting in 2006 to discuss the need in our two communities. There was concern that Head Start had left the area and we had children who could benefit from an early learning program.

How are students selected?  Interested parents of eligible students should register for Pre K online. If there are more children registered than we have space for we do a random lottery drawing for the spaces in each of the three targeted groups: CDS, Economically Disadvantaged and then the ‘All’ category.

What if my child is eligible for Kindergarten?  Could I elect Pre K instead? In rare instances CDS may recommend that a child who is actually eligible for kindergarten be enrolled in Pre K. In most other cases parents should enroll their child for kindergarten.

How is a Pre K student day different than Kindergarten?  The Pre K program is five days per week, for 2.5 hours per day. Children are assigned to either a.m. or p.m. based on address.

What are the staffing ratios in Pre K?  MSAD #15 follows the National Association for Education of Young Children. We have 1 fulltime teacher and at least one paraprofessional in each classroom.

What Curriculum does the program use?  The Pre K program uses • Maine’s Early Learning Standards • Strong family literacy and numeracy component.

Is lunch and/or breakfast available to Pre K children?  Children attending the morning session are offered breakfast and children in the afternoon are offered lunch. All meals are served in the classroom.