March is Disability Awareness month, and the Hop-A-Thon is a nice way to talk about how everybody is different and nobody is perfect. In physical education class, students read a book called “Everybody is Different and Nobody is Perfect”. This prompted a discussion around how everybody can do something and nobody can do everything. Following the discussion, student at Russell School participated in the annual Hop-A-Thon. During the Hop-A-Thon students have 6 minutes to hop as much as they can. After the Hop-A-Thon, the kindergarten and first grade classes with the highest averaged hops are able to attend the Special Olympics to cheer on our Russell School Olympians. Due to a scheduling conflict, the second graders are not able to attend. Instead, the winning second grade classroom will participate in an extra free time in PE. Great job to all Russell School students who worked extremely hard at the Hop-A-Thon. A special congratulations goes to Miss Aubin, Ms. Seymour, and Mrs. Carter’s classes who will be attending the upcoming Special Olympics as spectators. Also, congratulations to Mrs. Russell’s class who had the most average hops for second grade earning them extra free time in PE. Finally, thank you to all of the parents that volunteered. We can honestly say we could not have done it without you.