Before Student Athletes may practice, play or be issued equipment, the following must be completed and submitted to the Athletic Office:

  •  Physical Examination – Must provide evidence that the student athlete has had a physical within the past two years and has been cleared by the physician to participate in the school’s athletic program(s). A letter from the doctor’s office may be emailed to or faxed to 657-3329. If the doctor’s office has a private phone number, they must dial *68 prior to entering 657-3329 in order for the fax to go through.
  • Register Online here: Online Registration Begin by creating an account or logging into your existing account. Choose the sport you are registering for and continue on to complete the Participant’s information. Please note that if you have already completed the participant’s information previously, once you choose their name the rest of the information will automatically populate for you.
  •  Activity Fee – There is a $25.00 activity fee for each sport due the first day of practice. Please make checks payable to GNG Athletics. If the student-athlete receives reduced lunch, the activity fee is reduced to $12.50. If the student athlete receives free lunch, the activity fee is waived (please let the Athletic Office know so they can make a notation). NOTE: Alpine and Nordic Skiing, Ice Hockey and Lacrosse have additional fees associated with their sports (separate from the $25 activity fee) that cannot be waived.
 Updated August 2, 2022