Finding HOPE: 

Calling all Patriots! 

Let’s make a difference in these uncertain times. 

The Yellow Tulip Project is a Maine based group focused on smashing the stigma that surrounds mental illness and building a community where people realize there is help and hope out there. 

In light of the recent pandemic, we want to remind you of the Hope Garden many of our students helped to plant last fall in the GNGHS courtyard and the front entrance garden. After a long winter, tulips remind us of perseverance and the renewal of spring. 

Here’s a brief description of how the Yellow Tulip Project was created:

When founder Julia Hansen was in middle school and until her sophomore year in high school she definitely felt alone in dealing with her own depression. The deafening silence and stigma that surrounds the topic kept her from reaching out for help. It took the tragedy of losing her two best friends to suicide in 2015-2016 for her to find her voice and to speak out.  She had an idea – to create a space for determined youth to eradicate stigma, build community, and inspire productive conversations about how to combat the rising rates of suicide. The Yellow Tulip Project was born from this vision. 


Please take a moment to engage and record a video for our #whatgrowsmyhope campaign! A video is attached explaining what the program is. Just make sure to send your hope to! 


Whatgrowsmyhope Campaign.mp4