TO:                  MSAD 15 Community

FROM:             Craig King
Superintendent of Schools

DATE:              June 20, 2019

RE:                 Proposed Leadership Changes


It is with mixed emotions that I report to you Middle School Principal, Richard Hogan has accepted a teaching position at Morse Middle School.  I support Mr. Hogan’s personal and professional reasons for this move.  Although he has only been here briefly, Mr. Hogan has proven himself to be a strong advocate for the most authentic and well-rounded learning opportunities possible for our middle schoolers.

Our big concern now is we do not have enough time to conduct a thorough, extensive search for a new middle school principal.  Therefore, we have developed the following proposed plan:

Middle School Geoff Robbins will serve as the Interim-Principal for school year 2019-20. Mr. Robbins will lead the school in all its existing initiatives and programming in curriculum, instruction, assessment, and co-curricular activities.  Mr. Robbins has been a career professional at MSAD 15 and is widely respected in Maine as an educator of distinction.  In January of 2020, the school district will conduct a comprehensive search for a new middle school principal.  Mr. Robbins will return to his position of Dunn School Principal in late summer 2020.

Dunn School During school year 2019-20, Lisa Burns will serve as the Interim Principal. Ms. Burns will work closely with the faculty (and with some advisement from Mr. Robbins) on providing high quality instruction and a nurturing learning environment for our Dunn students. Ms. Burns holds a Master of Science Degree in Educational Leadership from the University of Southern Maine and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Elementary Education from the University of Maine at Orono.  She holds Maine Department of Education certification as a K-12 Building Administrator.  Ms. Burns began her career in MSAD 15 as a teacher at Memorial Elementary School in 2001 and currently teaches at the Dunn School.  Ms. Burns will return to her regular classroom teaching position in late summer 2020.  We will advertise internally and externally for a one-year teaching position for the Dunn School classroom that Ms. Burns currently holds.

I realize this is a big announcement.  However, I am confident that this proposed plan will support strong leadership at both the middle school and the Dunn School while we take a thoughtful, measured approach in our search for a new middle school principal.  The School Board will convene in a special meeting June 26, 2019 at 6:30 p.m. at the high school to discuss and vote on this proposed plan.