The Patriots defeated the visiting St. Dom Saints 2-0 on a cold, wet, muddy night. The game looked like a giant slip and slide with players from both teams struggling to keep their footing.
The Patriots took control of this game from the start. Quickly and constantly in the attacking half of the field. The wet conditions made it difficult for the Patriots to get quality shots on goal. It was later in the first half when Alexandra Portas put the Patriots ahead. Sarah Fecteau passed the ball through the middle of the box and found Alexandra, who calmly put it into the back of the net.
The second half of the game was more of the same. The Patriots and Saints sliding around the field. The shots continued to increase for the Patriots, but the Saints’ keeper Alyssa Hart wasn’t letting anything by. With just under eighteen minutes left in the game Ashleen Perkins took a shot from the middle of the eighteen near the top. She mis-hit it a little because it didn’t have her normal power behind the shot. The ball bounced a little and it looked like the keeper would gather it up, but the last hop and the wetness of the ball, saw it slip between her arms and legs and cross over the goal line.
The Patriots outshot the Saints 20-2 on the night. The score would have been likely higher if it wasn’t for Alyssa stopping most of what came in her direction.
The Patriots improved to 5-4 on the season and have one game left this season. They host the visiting Freeport Falcons on Monday November 2nd. JV will play first at 4:15 and Varsity will follow at 6:00pm.