Gray- New Gloucester Middle School is thrilled to be offering a variety of intramural and recreational opportunities for students throughout the school year.  Offerings will generally be organized within the sports seasons listed here:  Fall (September and October), Winter (November-February Break). Late Winter (February Break-Early April) and Spring (Early April – The end of the school year).

Late Winter offerings are listed below.

Phys. Ed. Club (Tuesdays)

Dodgeball (Thursdays)

Indoor Soccer (Fridays)(none on March 13th due to the social and dance after school)

There is no cost for students to attend these programs.

We would like to encourage students to utilize the activity bus that is offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Students must sign up the day of the activity in the office.  Students must also have a form filled out by a parent.  It can be found on the school district website and in the next paragraph.

If your child is not able to be picked up by 4:30, they must utilize the activity bus.  More information can be found on the MSAD #15 website at the bottom under transportation.  Information here:

All programs run from immediately after school until approximately 4:00 or 4:30 depending on the program.  All programs are subject to change due to staffing as well as available space.   Changes will be sent to parents by email.  And communicated to students through announcements after school.

Outdoor activities may be cancelled if weather and conditions are not favorable for the activities.

Programs will be open to students in grades 5-8.  When possible, students will be placed in groups based on age and abilities.   There is no cost to participate in these programs.

Students should report to the gym on the day of the activity when group 3 is called.  Parents should remind students to attend on the day of the activity.  Individual names will not be called over the loudspeaker.

Please help spread the word that these programs are open for registration!!!!

Please Contact Mr. Welch at for more information.

Online Registration Link Here: