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Certification Office
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Augusta, ME 04333-0023

Criminal History Record Checks on Educational Personnel

All employees of school systems and persons employed by others on behalf of school systems who are not certified or authorized will be required to obtain a Criminal History Record Check (CHRC) approval from the Department of Education based on fingerprints. Approval is not intended to reflect the individual’s qualifications or ability to perform the job assigned. All school personnel requiring a Criminal History Record Check approval will be issued a temporary approval card valid for 8 weeks upon submission of an approval application and $15 to the Certification Office. In order to continue employment in an approval category after the 8-week period, the individual must be fingerprinted at an approved fingerprint site during the 8-week temporary approval period. Once the Certification Office receives the criminal history record information and clears the application, a 5-year card will be issued.

You must have your fingerprints taken at a Maine approved fingerprint site. Fingerprints taken for other purposes and at other places (such as your local police station) will not be accepted.

Who Must be Fingerprinted?

• Anyone who works for a school district that is over 18 years old.
• Anyone who is contracted through a school district.
• Volunteers may be asked to be fingerprinted at the discretion of the school district.

What do I need to be Fingerprinted?

Step 1: Register with our Fingerprinting Partner (IdentoGO). They have a processing fee of $55.
o Note: IdentoGO will provide you with an ID and Confirmation, be sure to keep

If Renewing: be sure to register as a “new hire” or IdentoGO will redirect you back to the Department of Education.

Step 2: Download, Complete and Mail the Application Approval Form
*Don’t forget to include the $15.00 fee. ** Please note that you should not send your application to the state unless you have ALREADY been fingerprinted. (Best to wait 24 hours)

How often do I need to be Fingerprinted?

• Every 5 Years, unless you have been continuously employed by a school district in Maine.
• **Coaches and Substitute Teachers must be fingerprinted every 5 years regardless of continuous employment.

Where do I get my Fingerprints?

• Contact IdentoGo by visiting  and make an appointment.

What is the status of my Fingerprints?

• You will need to provide your last name, DOB and last 4 digits of your Social Security Number.
• Visit: to check the status of your Fingerprints.


If Renewing: be sure to register as a “new hire” or IdentoGO will redirect you back to the Department of Education.





Updated October 8, 2019