2020 GNGHS Junior Book Awards

Class of 2021


St. Michael’s College Award Academic Achievement – students attain mostly A’s and B’s in honors, AP, IB, or Dual Enrollment classes and are inductees of the National Honor Society or equivalent honors organization.  Congratulations Amelia Cobb!


St. Thomas University – Non-Canadian citizen graduating from GNGHS in 2021 who has demonstrated commitment to social justice and helping the world (e.g. people, animals, environment, art, culture, etc.). Demonstrated interest in pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree (humanities, social sciences, fine arts). Ideally, this candidate will have an interest in global affairs and be open-minded to studying outside of the United States. Strong academic writing ability (we are nationally ranked by students for teaching strong writing skills).  Congratulations Gabriella Semyk!


University of RochesterIs proud to present the following awards to the following Juniors:


Bausch + Lomb Honorary Science Awards: High achievement and rigor in Science and Math classes. Positive contributions to their school and within the larger community.  Congratulations Tiffany Ha!


Frederick Douglass and Susan B. Anthony Award: Demonstrated commitment to understanding and addressing difficult social issues, Leadership and dedication to community action, Strong grades and rigorous courses taken in the humanities and social sciences.  Congratulations Cordelia Lambert!


George Eastman Young Leaders Award: Strong leadership experience at school and in the community, High grades and challenging courses, Extensive involvement in extracurricular activities.  Congratulations Samuel Tibbetts!


Xerox Award for Innovation and Information Technology: Strong interest in innovation and/or information technology and a high level of achievement in this area. Exposure to new technologies outside of school, such as pursuing serious work opportunities in local laboratories or industry, Leading other students to new approaches to old problems (e.g., business plans for fundraising, innovative community service, after-school activities, and best uses of internal communications tools such as chat and blogs).  Congratulations Amelia Cobb!


Elmira CollegeThe Key Award is presented to a Junior who has a minimum academic grade point average of 3.0 (4.0 scale); has demonstrated outstanding school and community leadership, and has an interest in an academic program offered by Elmira College.  Congratulations Margaret Austin!


Rochester Institute of TechnologyComputing Medal and Scholarship Program: This program recognizes one male and one female from the junior class who are pursuing a rigorous college-preparatory curriculum; ranked in the top 10 percent of their Junior class;, are active and involved members of their school and/or community; and have demonstrated an interest and ability in computing. Evidence of an interest and ability in computing may include: superior grades in computing-related classes, completion of a school or community project that demonstrates high-level knowledge or experience in computing. For example, hardware construction, software development, Web page development, multimedia presentations, and computer graphics, the high-level use of computing in other areas such as business, science, math, art, design, film, animation, or photography.  Congratulations Keegan Brooks and Nitacia Strait!

Rochester Institute of TechnologyInnovation and Creativity Award and Scholarship Program: This program recognizes one male and one female from the junior class who: Are pursuing a rigorous college-preparatory curriculum, Rank in the top 10 percent of their junior class, Are active and involved citizens in their school and/or community, Demonstrate outstanding achievement in innovation, creativity, or entrepreneurship. Examples include: Innovative use of technology in areas such as business, science, math, art, crafts, design, film, animation, or photography; Developing innovative solutions to problems such as starting their own business, innovative community service, or extensive involvement in activities related to sustainability and the environment; Creation of a new or unique project in art, crafts, design, film, animation, or photography using divergent thinking, imagination, and/or risk-taking.  Congratulations Kyle Martell and Megan Thompson!


Harvard UniversityTo recognize outstanding high school students who display general excellence and high character.  Congratulations Maya Hutchings!


Wellesley CollegeThe Wellesley College Book Award is awarded to a young woman chosen for their intelligence, determination, motivation, and achievement. They should be visible members of their schools and communities. Most importantly, however, they should be the academic leaders in their secondary schools.  Congratulations Ruby Pfeifle!


Smith CollegeThe Smith College Book Award is awarded to an outstanding Junior who exemplifies the academic achievement, leadership qualities, and concern for others that characterize the thousands of women who have graduated from Smith College. We asked high schools to nominate one girl from the top tenth of the Junior class who embodies these qualities and serves as an example of scholarship and community service.  Congratulations Congratulations Isabella Castrucci!


Russell Sage CollegeStudent Sage Award: Candidates should be academic and social leaders who make the school an exciting, creative, and engaging place of learning; lead debates on critical issues; and possess powerful communication skills. Candidates should be top academic achievers who have maintained a B average (or better) in his/her academic coursework, only. (Math, Science, History, English and Language). Candidates should “put their knowledge into action” and be a student who is actively involved in the community; able to balance numerous activities with enthusiasm and leadership; devoted to leading the school/community in ways that improve the community’s well-being, growth, and communication; and motivated to serve and inspire others to develop and grow.  Congratulations Cordelia Lambert!


Wells CollegeWells College 21st Century Leadership Award is awarded to a top academic performer who has the passion and integrity needed to become successful leaders. The qualified candidate must have a cumulative grade point average of 85% and demonstrate leadership ability and/or potential through school and community activities.  Congratulations Sophie Robinson!


Williams CollegeThe Williams College Book Award program is designed to encourage intellectual excellence and to recognize student achievement. A book is awarded to a high school Junior who has demonstrated intellectual leadership and made significant contributions to the extracurricular life of their schools.  Congratulations Riley Webster!


Boston UniversityBoston University Wheelock’s High School Junior Book Award: Nominees must be of Junior standing; must express an aptitude and/or interest in the fields of Education, Human Development, Social Justice or Youth Advocacy; must demonstrate leadership abilities and/or a commitment to service; and must have a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher.  Congratulations Julie Sanborn!


Phi Beta KappaThis award is being presented to the junior who is “going on to higher education and who has demonstrated intellectual curiosity and achievement in and beyond the classroom.”  Congratulations Autumn Ouellette!